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5 Signs You Need To See A Marriage Counsellor

Having a lasting, loving, happy relationship is far more difficult than it sounds. When things get especially rough, it may be useful to seek outside help. 

It can be scary to admit that you need some assistance, but it can lead to a happy relationship, so it is worth it. Here are 5 signs you may need to seek marriage counselling


1. You Have A Recurring Argument 

Many couples fight over the same things all of the time; everything from money problems to trust issues. Having a neutral 3rd party step in might be the only way to find a resolution. 

Addressing the issue head-on may bring two people closer together, but it sometimes takes another person to guide them in the right direction. 


2. One Person Takes The Blame 

Relationship problems are not generally caused by one person. Most people have negative factors they bring to the table. 

If you have issues with who you are as a person, seeking outside help may be the best solution. Doing this as a couple will help you and your partner form a stronger bond. While you focus on how to take responsibility for your own emotions, your partner can work on how to support you on this journey. 


3. One Of You Has Experienced A Major Event 

Many couples seek therapy after a trauma has occurred, like a death in the family or infidelity. With that said, it is wise to look to therapy as a way to proactively handle stress. Examples of this would be planning for a new baby or getting into a long-distance relationship. When major changes occur, they can put a strain on relationships. Seeking help before upcoming stressful events is a good way to create a solid plan for working through any issues. 


4. Others Outside The Relationship Are More Supportive 

It is not our partner’s responsibility to take care of your every need. They are only one person; they cannot be expected to have answers for everything. Even so, if you feel they are misunderstanding you, failing to hear you or being disrespectful, counselling may be in order. Staying silent in a relationship like this is very unhealthy. 


5. Your Partner Would Like To See A Counsellor 

No one is offended when people suggest they seek help for physical problems. Therapy is not something that should be stigmatized. If your partner suggests counselling for the two of you, this does not mean that you should become defensive or feel like the relationship is at its lowest. They may be focused on making what you have stronger than ever before.


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