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Therapy with Psychotherapist & Nurse Practitioner, Wendy Corliss

My Therapy Philosophy and Style

I work with you from a framework of compassion and collaboration to help you solve your problems. I will listen to you and accept you, regardless of the problems you bring to therapy.

My core philosophy is that there is always hope for you to feel better about your life. I commit to working with you until you heal.

My goal is to help you manage strong emotions, and change your thinking and behaviors so that your life improves.

Therapy will help you be more loving and caring towards yourself, increase your self-confidence, have better relationships and feel good about your life.

A Trauma-Informed Model of Therapy

In our therapy sessions, I help you resolve your problems and any past traumas by focusing on the 6 core areas below:

1: Develop Safety and Trust

We will first work to ensure that you feel safe in your relationship with me. I will do whatever I can to help you feel comfortable and to meet your needs. I will be accepting of you and whatever issues you want to discuss with me.

Building a trusting relationship with me will help you feel more safe, secure and confident within yourself and with others.

2: Discover How to Calm and Soothe Yourself

When you have had long-standing problems such as depression, anxiety, and troubled relationships, your emotions are often on high alert and can feel out of control.

In therapy, we will work to help you relax your mind and your body so that you feel calmer and more at peace. This will make it easier to live your life feeling more comfortable and in control.

3: Feeling More at Ease in Your Relationships

As you progress in therapy, you will increase your understanding of how your relationships with others have been impacted by the stressful events in your life.

You will develop a stronger sense of yourself in your relationships, set better boundaries, and become clear on what you need and want from them.

4: Increasing Self-Awareness

As your self-awareness of your problems and the role trauma has played in your life increase, you will be able to respond to your life and others in a more positive way.

You will no longer feel like a victim to your emotions and behaviors. You will feel good about the choices you make and your approach to life.

5: Helping You Improve Your Mood

As you heal in therapy, you will begin to experience more joy and pleasure. You will unearth your creativity and experience a greater sense of competence and mastery.

6: Integrating Your Learning into Your Life

You will feel stronger in yourself and feel more whole. Problems and distressing events from the past will no longer have a “hold” on you.

You will have a sense of being free and alive.

Therapy Methods I Utilize to Help You Resolve Complex Problems

The methods of psychotherapy I use are all backed by a significant amount of research that proves their effectiveness. They heal your problems at the root level where they were caused, leading to lasting change.

Below is an overview of the methods I use and how they can help you. I will use a combination of these methods depending on what will be most helpful to you.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Is a style of therapy that works at a much deeper level than other forms of therapy by delving into a persons often unconscious internal belief systems and how these may impact their self esteem and relationships. Psychotherapy may help people who have not found traditional therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy helpful as it addresses underlying issues such as early childhood experiences, parental neglect, abuse and associated attachment styles.

Somatic Experiencing (SE)

Any difficult or traumatic events that you have experienced impact on your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and in your physical body.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) helps release the distressing or traumatic energy that is trapped in your body.

Once the energy is discharged from your body, your body’s natural healing process kicks in alleviating troubling symptoms such as disturbing memories, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and emotions that feel out of control.

Eye Movement De-sensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

Like Somatic Experiencing described above, EMDR is used to release and heal traumatic or stressful experiences that are at the root cause of the problems you are experiencing.

Rather than focusing on body sensations, EMDR focuses on a rapid-eye-movement procedure that releases trauma, allowing you to heal and resolve your problems.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy (TSYT)

If you have experienced ongoing stress, anxiety or fear, it can create a feeing of not being comfortable in your body.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy (TSYT) has been shown to help calm the stress response in your body and help increase body awareness. This, in turn, helps calm your nervous system, heal symptoms of trauma, and helps you become more at ease in your body.

In person and Skype Services Offered

In- Person Sessions:

I offer therapy in person in my office in Dee Why.

Skype Sessions:

I also offer Skype therapy sessions for those who live outside of my area or are unable to travel to my office.

If you want to stop the pain and suffering and live a better life, therapy with me can help.