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If you’re looking for confidential, compassionate counselling and psychotherapy in the Northern Beaches area, then Living Consciously is the perfect choice. Director Wendy Corliss has over 20 years of experience helping people get over debilitating issues, and move on with their lives.

Do any of these sound like you?

“I feel sad much of the time”
“I feel anxious. I worry all the time”
“I have a lot of fears, even though I know they’re irrational”
“I have disturbing memories and nightmares about the past”
“My relationships are causing me emotional pain”

If you can relate to any of these (and many more issues) then Living Consciously is here to help. Change is always possible, and Wendy has overseen significant transformations in a diverse range of clients over the years thanks to her counselling and psychotherapy services.

Counselling Northern Beaches

Certain events or periods in your life can have a big impact on you, whether that’s a death of a loved one, relationship struggles and divorce, or even excess stress at work. It’s natural to be affected by these events, but usually, with time and help from friends and family, you should be able to overcome them. If you’re continuing to suffer, then it might be time to look for a solution.

Sometimes, counselling sessions might begin as a way to deal with relatively straightforward symptoms, but sessions at Living Consciously may reveal underlying complex patterns of thought and behaviour that require psychotherapy to remedy.

Psychotherapy Northern Beaches

Sometimes you might be struggling with more deep-seated issues, and the situation requires dedicated sessions for a longer period to work through them. Psychotherapy is often necessary for deep reflection, and helping people understand their lives better. For instance, your negative personal or work relationships might have an underlying cause, such as depression brought about by an unhappy childhood.

Wendy can help you work through your issues, in a safe and compassionate environment. By the end of your sessions you should be feeling calmer, more relaxed, and more accepting and content with your life in general. See the How I Work tab for more information on the methods used here at Living Consciously.

How Living Consciously Can Help

Wendy Corliss adopts a holistic approach to her psychotherapy services in the Northern Beaches. No two people are alike, and therefore no two treatment methods will be the same either. Wendy will take the time to get to know you, your symptoms, and the reasons behind them, before tailoring your sessions to suit your needs.

Based in Collaroy, Living Consciously is the ideal option whether it’s your first session with a professional, or you’ve been searching for effective psychotherapy and counselling in the Northern Beaches for a long time. Get in touch today – it’s never too late to turn your life around.

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