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What is Stress Management?

Many people lead very busy, hectic and stressful lives.

Stress is unavoidable sometimes, and the most important factor is how you deal with it when it occurs. Stress management is a means by which we can cope with stressful situations when they arise through changes in our thinking and behaviour patterns, managing our responses to such situations and practising proper self care and relaxation during stressful periods.

Stress counselling therapy is designed to provide the support and relief you need when life feels overwhelming.

It is a specialised type of ‘talk therapy’, whereby a person speaks to a professional, impartial counsellor about what is stressing them and how to manage it. The counsellor listens with an open and sympathetic ear while the patient gets things off their chest and then works with them to find real, practical coping strategies that the patient can use in their everyday life.

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Symptoms of Stress

Low energy


Aches, pains and tense muscles

Diarrhea or constipation

Digestive issues


Frequent colds or infections

Loss of sexual desire


Appetite changes




How can I help with your stress?

If you live on or around Sydney’s northern beaches, help is close at hand.

A visit to Living Consciously is getting support from a highly experienced and dedicated mental health practitioner who will work closely with you to manage the stress in your life.

Together we’ll use talk therapies to understand the root causes of your stress, your unique triggers, and coping strategies to move forward in your life.

Stress may arise as a result of :

  • Social problems
  • Financial problems
  • Physical illness
  • Mental illness
  • Lack of social support networks
  • Family history

Don’t let stress become debilitating and stop you from functioning normally and enjoying life.

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My Step-by-Step process

In our initial session I will deeply listen and attend to your full life story. I’ll ask you about your life passions, the things you feel are challenging your well-being, and your medical history. From here I’ll help you to start healing and feel at peace with yourself. In counselling and psychotherapy sessions, I help you resolve your problems and any past traumas by focusing on a proven 6 step process.

Step 1: Develop Safety and Trust

We will first work to ensure that you feel safe in your relationship with me. I will do whatever I can to help you feel comfortable and to meet your needs. I will be accepting of you and whatever issues you want to discuss with me. Building a trusting relationship with me will help you feel more safe, secure and confident within yourself and with others.

Step 2: Discover How to Calm and Soothe Yourself

When you have had long-standing problems such as depression, anxiety, and troubled relationships, your emotions are often on high alert and can feel out of control.

In therapy, we will work to help you relax your mind and your body so that you feel calmer and more at peace. This will make it easier to live your life feeling more comfortable and in control

Step 3: Feeling More at Ease in Your Relationships

As you progress in therapy, you will increase your understanding of how your relationships with others have been impacted by the stressful events in your life.

You will develop a stronger sense of yourself in your relationships, set better boundaries, and become clear on what you need and want from them

Step 4: Increasing Self-Awareness

As your self-awareness of your problems and the role trauma has played in your life increase, you will be able to respond to your life and others in a more positive way.

You will no longer feel like a victim to your emotions and behaviors. You will feel good about the choices you make and your approach to life.

Step 5: Helping You Improve Your Mood

As you heal in therapy, you will begin to experience more joy and pleasure. You will unearth your creativity and experience a greater sense of competence and mastery.

Step 6: Integrating Your Learning into

Your Life You will feel stronger in yourself and feel more whole. Problems and distressing events from the past will no longer have a “hold” on you. You will have a sense of being free and alive.

Why Choose Me?

  • I work with you from a framework of compassion and collaboration to help you solve your problems.
  • I commit to working with you until you heal. My core philosophy is that there is always hope for you to feel better about your life.
  • I help you manage strong emotions, as well as change your thinking and behaviors so that your life improves
  • I will listen to you and accept you, regardless of the problems you bring to therapy.
  • I support you towards being more loving and caring towards yourself, increasing your self-confidence, having better relationships and feeling good about your life.
  • I provide comprehensive mental health assessment and accurate diagnosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the effects of stress?

There are many health issues that can be caused or made worse by stress. Depression and anxiety can spring from, or be exacerbated by stress. Then there is pain, sleeping difficulties, weight problems, autoimmune issues, memory problems and many more.

What are some clear signs of stress?

Some of the signs to look out for to tell if you are suffering from too much stress are as follows: irritability and impatience, feeling overburdened by work, family and life, feeling down and wild mood swings, finding it difficult to laugh and enjoy life, experiencing a constantly racing mind and an inability to switch off, a need to withdraw and many others. You may also find it difficult to concentrate and make decisions, smoke and/or drink more than usual, feel tired all the time, find yourself constantly worrying and feel restless, like you can’t switch off.

Stress isn’t holding me back yet, do I need to seek help?

It’s never too early to seek help for stress. While stress may feel like a minor part of your life, it can quickly build up and lead to other challenges including anxiety, depression, and drug and alcohol abuse.

If you feel like stress is impacting you more than usual, now is the perfect time to seek help.


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