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If you’re looking for confidential, compassionate counselling and psychotherapy in the Northern Beaches area, then Living Consciously is the perfect choice.

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A holistic approach to psychotherapy:

Do you feel as though your past is holding you back from fully living in the present?

We can’t always choose what happens to us in life. But we are in control of how we react, how we move forward and how we want to live each day.

Change in therapy occurs when you are able to resolve lingering issues and close the wounds of the past, while focusing on living in the present, and embracing the future.

Once these problems are healed, you will be able to accept who you are, feel safe and secure in yourself, and find more meaning in your life.

I’ve seen people who have struggled for years turn their lives around. So I know it is always possible to break through pain, chronic depression, anxiety and unhappiness to create a life you love. A life that feels like home.

Self-discovery can help you to find a more authentic, rewarding and ultimately enjoyable life.

If you are interested in finding a way forward please reach out and claim your 15 minute free consultation today.

Even more important than what you’ll gain, is what you’ll get rid of…

  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of purpose
  • Fear & Anxiety
  • Drug & Alcohol Problems
  • Sadness & Depression
  • Isolation and Loneliness
  • Anger & Resentment
  • Stress

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Wendy Corliss

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Do you feel discouraged? Out of control? Or hopeless?

I am a highly qualified psychotherapist with over 30 years of clinical experience where I have developed considerable expertise in helping people overcome complex and persistent mental health problems that have not responded to other styles of therapies.

As a nurse practitioner as well as a psychotherapist, I can advise you about medication, review medical conditions and order pathology tests, with medicare rebates for each session..

This unique background sets me apart with 3 decades of experience helping people discover their inner strengths, banish their inner demons, sleep and eat better, find calm in chaos, and ultimately feel happy with the lives they lead.

I am a calm, compassionate, and non-judgmental therapist. I work to develop relationships of deep trust and understanding with you. I will never give up on you. I will hold the hope for you even if you are feeling discouraged or hopeless.

With a focus on serious mental health conditions that have the potential to make everyday life a challenge, I take the time to get to know you, your symptoms and your story before we work towards a resolution, together.

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My Services

The types of issues I can help you with

Drug and Alcohol problems

Up to 30-40% of people with a substance use disorder also suffer from a mental health problem. Find out if substance misuse is masking a mental health disorder

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Stress is a normal response to everyday life events. However, stress levels can become too high + you can feel a little out of control. Find out if stress is impacting your life.

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Depression is a pervasive feeling of despair & hopelessness. Symptoms of depression may be difficult to identify. Find out if you or someone you love is dealing with depression

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Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a serious condition characterized by persistent, excessive worry. Anxiety can impair the ability to live a normal life. Find out about the signs & symptoms of anxiety here.

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Trauma & PTSD

PTSD is a set of symptoms that may occur after a person experiences or witnesses a traumatic or life threatening event. Find out if you or your loved one is suffering from PTSD

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Couples Counselling

Couples counselling is a form of therapy that helps couples communicate better and resolve conflicts. If you’re considering couples counselling, here’s what you need to know.

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My Step-by-Step process

In our initial session I will deeply listen and attend to your full life story.

I’ll ask you about your life passions, the things you feel are challenging your well-being, and your medical history.

From here I’ll help you to start healing and feel at peace with yourself.

In counselling and psychotherapy sessions, I help you resolve your problems and any past traumas by focusing on a proven 6 step process.

Step 1: Develop Safety and Trust

We will first work to ensure that you feel safe in your relationship with me. I will do whatever I can to help you feel comfortable and to meet your needs. I will be accepting of you and whatever issues you want to discuss with me.

Building a trusting relationship with me will help you feel more safe, secure and confident within yourself and with others.

Step 2: Discover How to Calm and Soothe Yourself

When you have had long-standing problems such as depression, anxiety, and troubled relationships, your emotions are often on high alert and can feel out of control.

In therapy, we will work to help you relax your mind and your body so that you feel calmer and more at peace. This will make it easier to live your life feeling more comfortable and in control

Step 3: Feeling More at Ease in Your Relationships

As you progress in therapy, you will increase your understanding of how your relationships with others have been impacted by the stressful events in your life.

You will develop a stronger sense of yourself in your relationships, set better boundaries, and become clear on what you need and want from them

Step 4: Increasing Self-Awareness

As your self-awareness of your problems and the role trauma has played in your life increase, you will be able to respond to your life and others in a more positive way.

You will no longer feel like a victim to your emotions and behaviors. You will feel good about the choices you make and your approach to life.

Step 5: Helping You Improve Your Mood

As you heal in therapy, you will begin to experience more joy and pleasure. You will unearth your creativity and experience a greater sense of competence and mastery.

Step 6: Integrating Your Learning into Your Life

You will feel stronger in yourself and feel more whole. Problems and distressing events from the past will no longer have a “hold” on you.

You will have a sense of being free and alive.

Why Choose Me?

  • I work with you from a framework of compassion and collaboration to help you solve your problems.
  • I commit to working with you until you heal. My core philosophy is that there is always hope for you to feel better about your life.
  • I help you manage strong emotions, as well as change your thinking and behaviours so that your life improves
  • I will listen to you and accept you, regardless of the problems you bring to therapy.
  • I support you towards being more loving and caring towards yourself, increasing your self-confidence, having better relationships and feeling good about your life.
  • I provide comprehensive mental health assessment and accurate diagnosis.


Hear how psychotherapy has changed lives

“I have only known Wendy for a short period of time and am astonished at how much significant progress I have made. Wendy just “gets me”. She is incredibly intuitive, calm, funny and strong when required. Her depth of knowledge is inspiring. This was a journey I did not want to go on. Now I know that the journey will end rewardingly with Wendy’s guidance and compassion.”


“I have been seeing Wendy on a weekly basis for the last three years. Although I don’t feel fully ready to fly on my own yet, the tools Wendy has given to me to manage my PTSD symptoms have drastically changed my ability to cope better with my home and work life. This is not my first try at therapy but I’m finally seeing real results by following Wendy’s approach. Therapy is by no mean a linear journey and Wendy has consistently been there at every step of the way.”


“Having suffered from crippling anxiety from a young age, I now live a life anxiety-free due to Wendy’s efforts and psychological expertise. Wendy is a highly skilled, warm and compassionate therapist that I have recommend to close friends and family for treatment.”


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you based in the Northern Beaches?

    Yes, I am based in Dee Why in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.  

  • Are your services covered by Medicare rebate?

    As a Nurse Practitioner I am a registered provider with Medicare whereby you may be eligible to claim a rebate for every session of treatment as long as you obtain a referral letter from your doctor. This situation is particularly cost effective for patients who require more than 10 sessions of treatment per year allowed under the Better Access to Mental Health Scheme. Once you have reached the Medicare Safety Net, the rebate will cover most of the cost of your appointments.

  • How can you help me live a more fulfilled life whilst getting therapy?

    Together we will explore the deeper causes of your unhappiness, build your self worth and resolve any trauma that may be holding you back from living a fulfilling life. I can also treat you holistically by reviewing your diet and lifestyle, helping you structure your schedule to allow time for relaxation, and introduce potential activities to enhance your self-awareness, such as yoga and meditation.

  • Do you offer therapy by Skype?

    Yes. Should you not be able to attend the clinic, you can receive therapy via Skype or other video conferencing apps.

  • What is the difference between a psychotherapist and a psychologist?

    Both psychotherapists and psychologists help people to overcome mental health challenges in their lives through talking therapies.

    Psychotherapy focuses on how past negative experiences particularly those of childhood influence and shape a patient’s current responses to life events. Psychotherapy is an in depth therapy generally undertaken long term and is more suitable for patients dealing with persistent mental health problems. Psychotherapists draw from modern neurobiology and a range of evidenced based methods of working

    In contrast, psychology is the study of how people think, act and react. The treatment focuses on changing maladaptive thinking patterns that cause a person to feel anxious or depressed. The main treatment approach used by a psychologist is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

  • I am on medication for a mental health condition. How do I know that your therapy will not impact on the effect of my medication?

    As a Nurse Practitioner I am authorised to prescribed medication so I can advise you regarding the effectiveness of your medication. I will also work in consultation with your GP, Medical Specialists and other health professionals to ensure you receive the best possible treatment

    The Trauma-Informed Therapy Framework and psychotherapy methods that are used will not adversely impact your medical treatment. In fact many of my patients have been able to reduce or even stop medication thanks to the effectiveness of psychotherapy. The well-being techniques such as yoga, meditation and rediscovering your life passion enhance the success of medical treatment you are receiving.

Living consciously

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The world you see changes.

Get the support you need to start living the life you deserve.

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