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Carol: Therapy Helps Carol Find Joy and Meaning After Struggling With Depression


Dave: Therapy Helps Dave Find Happiness After Struggling for 10 Years in Relationships


Kassandra: Therapy Helps Kassandra Feel Calmer and Sleep Peacefully After Suffering from Anxiety, Nightmares, and Fears for Most of Her Life




Therapy Helps Carol Find Joy and Meaning After Struggling With Depression


When Carol came to therapy, she reported that she had trouble getting out of bed every morning. She was often late for work because she felt like she couldn’t face the day.

Sometimes she didn’t even bother going in.


Carol’s boss had discussed his concerns about her absenteeism with her a few weeks before our therapy session. Although she didn’t want to lose her job, Carol felt she wasn’t able to get herself to work some days.


Life at home was also difficult.


Her husband drank too much and was often not home. Her children had grown and had left for college. She lacked a sense of purpose.


Carol was lonely and had few friends.


Her life often felt meaningless. She wondered how she got to where she was.


Carol often wondered if anyone would miss her if she died.


One day Carol confided in a relative who was a therapist. The relative suggested she see a therapist and gave her my name. Carol wasn’t optimistic that therapy would help when she entered my office, but she felt she should try.


Over the course of therapy, Carol discovered that she had never liked herself. Her head was filled with negative thoughts about how stupid and worthless she was. She discovered that this was the voice of her mother who always put her down.


Over time, I helped Carol come to believe in herself.


Carol started to see how her depression was caused by her low self-worth. She realized that she didn’t like her job but thought she did not deserve anything better.


After several weeks of counselling, Carol gained the courage to uncover what she really wanted to do, and that was work with people, not sit in front a computer. Carol began to look for a new job that was more suited to her passions.


Therapy helped Carol admit to herself that her relationship with her husband wasn’t fulfilling and further contributed to her depression. She realized that she was enabling his drinking by minimizing its effect on her.


She spoke with her husband and told him that she could no longer live with him if he didn’t get help for his drinking problem. Her husband refused to get help, so Carol moved out.


Once she got her new apartment, Carol’s depression continued to decrease.


She started to feel more optimistic about her life. She now had the tools to manage her bouts of depression when they occurred. These tools helped reduce their frequency and intensity.


When I last saw Carol, she was starting a new job that she was excited about and was feeling much better about her future.




Dave: Therapy Helps Dave Find Happiness After Struggling for 10 Years in Relationships


When Dave came to see me for therapy his girlfriend, Kylie, of 2 years had just broken up with him. She told him that he was too needy and she didn’t want to be with him anymore.


Kylie was the third woman who broke up with Dave because of his neediness.


He was devastated each time.


He couldn’t understand why this kept happening to him. He couldn’t figure out why women viewed him as being needy. He thought wanting to be with the person he loved and wanting to share everything with her was what relationships were about.


Dave couldn’t bear the thought of having another relationship fall apart. He decided to seek the help of a therapist.


Dave was still grieving the loss of his relationship with Kylie when he entered my therapy office. He was in pain and was confused. He stated that he couldn’t stand to be rejected again.


Dave wanted to figure out what was going wrong with his relationships.


In our therapy sessions, Dave and I explored his relationships with women. Dave had a pattern of getting involved with women quickly and then wanting to spend all his time with them.


Dave came to see that he was emotionally neglected by both of his parents. He remembered that as a child when he approached his mother wanting attention, she was always “too busy” and would push him away.


Once Dave understood how his relationships with women paralleled his relationship with his parents, the healing process began.


Using a combination of the EMDR and somatic experiencing [link to How I Work page] I worked with Dave to decrease his fear of abandonment and increase feelings of security within himself.


Dave began to realize that clinging to women only chased them away.


He became aware that he had to fulfill his feelings of emptiness so that he didn’t smother the women he dated.


Dave eventually started dating again. He met Pamela whom he liked very much. He decided to move slowly with her and give her a lot of space. He shared with her his past problems in relationships and asked her to let him know if she ever felt that he was acting too needy. This opened up the channels of communication between them so that Dave could openly share his fears with Pamela as they arose.


When I last saw Dave, he was 4 months into his relationship with Pamela and was very happy.




Kassandra: Therapy Helps Kassandra Feel Calmer and Sleep Peacefully After Suffering from Anxiety, Constant Nightmares, and Fears for Most of Her Life


Kassandra grew up with an alcoholic father who was abusive. As an adult, she had a history or being in relationships with men who were also abusive towards her or who had substance abuse problems.


Kassandra suffered from anxiety for as long as she could remember.


She was always worrying about something. Sometimes her fears were irrational. She would often imagine the worst that could happen, even when her life was going well.


Kassandra avoided social situations, as she felt awkward. She never knew what to say to others. She was afraid that people would judge her.


Kassandra often had nightmares. She would wake up in the night feeling panicked. In her dreams, men were always trying to kill her. After she woke up, she could not fall back to sleep. In the morning she felt awful, which made her anxiety worse.


Having seen 2 therapists previously who hadn’t helped, Kassandra was skeptical about seeing yet another therapist.


Kassandra’s anxiety continued. She was desperate to find relief but didn’t know where to turn.


One day she was searching on the Internet for information that could help her cope with her fears, and she stumbled across my therapy website. She said that my words made sense to her and she felt a glimmer of hope that maybe I could help.


I worked with Kassandra over the course of several months using proven approaches to therapy [link to approach page] that are known to treat anxiety.


Kassandra started to venture out with others and slept through the night more frequently. Her nightmares decreased and eventually stopped.


Kassandra joined a dance class, something she always wanted to do but was afraid she wouldn’t be as good as others in the class. Much to her surprise, she discovered that her dance teacher thought she was a great dancer and later chose her to perform in a special dance performance.


When Kassandra ended therapy, she reported that she felt like she was a different person.


Her confidence was higher than it had ever been before, she felt calmer, more relaxed, and her constant worrying was dramatically reduced.


When she did feel anxiety coming on, she would use some of the tools I showed her in therapy to calm herself. She was able to reduce the intensity of her fears to a manageable level. Kassandra told me that she was ready to start dating again. She now knew the danger signs she needed to watch for when meeting men and was confident she no longer would be “seduced” by them.


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