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• You Suffer From Excessive Worry, Fear or Anxiety
You might worry a lot and fret about what might happen next. You may have trouble sleeping or have nightmares that awaken you in the night. You try to stop the thoughts, but they just keep coming. You may have panic attacks that you can’t control. Your life feels like it fear rules it.

Therapy can help free your mind from the negative chatter, help you feel more relaxed, and help you have greater peace of mind. As your therapist, I can show you tools to decrease and manage your anxiety.


• Your Relationships are Painful; They Don’t Meet your Needs
Your relationships are filled with turmoil, conflict, and pain. The often consume you. They distract you from your life. You always end up feeing disappointed, frustrated or traumatized.
The heartache is unbearable.

Therapy can help you break the pattern of troubled relationships that hurt. You can heal the source of relationship problems and have a healthy and satisfying relationship. In spite of your frustration right now, with help, deep intimacy is always possible.


 Your Life is Difficult Due to Physical, Emotional or Sexual Abuse in Your Childhood
If you were abused as a child, your life may be challenging. You may, or may not understand why you struggle. You may lack self-esteem and self-confidence. You may feel like you are unworthy or undeserving of love. Your relationships likely mirror experiences you had as a child.

Therapy can help you overcome the negative effects of an abusive childhood. I can help you feel good about yourself and feel better about your life. You can become confident and successful at whatever you do.


• You Hurt Due to Physical, Emotional, or Sexual Assault by an Intimate Partner
If you have suffered abuse from an intimate partner, it can erode your self-esteem and cause you to doubt yourself and your reality. You may have found it difficult to leave the relationship due to fears the abuse would escalate or because of your children or financial dependency. Even if you have left the relationship, scars remain. You may still be afraid. Your wounds might still feel raw.

As your therapist, I can help you heal if you have been a victim of domestic violence. It may not seem like it now, but your life can feel normal again. You can overcome the past and live a fulfilling life. You deserve to have a loving relationship with someone who treats you with kindness and respect.


 You Have Been Traumatized by a Medical Procedure, Difficult Birth, or Serious Illness
If you have suffered a traumatic event due to a medical procedure, birth trauma, or serious medical diagnosis, you might feel like no one understands your pain. As a result, you might feel terribly alone. You might be tempted to deny your experience and brush it off as “no big deal.”
BUT, if you have had any of these distressing experiences, they can be devastating. They can wreak havoc in your life and interfere with everyday living.

Therapy can help you resolve symptoms of worry, fear, or depression. As your therapist, I can help you can move past the trauma and live a normal life. The distressing event will move into the background of your life and will no longer trouble you.


• You Are a Refugee or Victim of War Trauma Who is Struggling
If you are refugee or victim of war trauma, sometimes problems don’t arise until well after the event is over and you are safe. You might feel confused when you find that you are still living in fear or anxiety.
You may have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – sleep or eating problems, flashbacks to disturbing events, irrational fears, panic attacks, etc.

Therapy can help you feel safe and secure again. It helps you relax so that you are free to enjoy your life. You can ‘discharge” the trauma energy associated with trauma, calming your nervous system so that it no longer “reacts” to triggering events. You will feel more peaceful and in control.


 You Were Traumatized Due to Being Victim of a Crime or Experienced a Distressing Accident
If you have been a victim of a crime – or witnessed a crime, you probably feel violated, and quite distressed. Likewise, being in an accident can cause flashbacks, nightmares, and fears that you can seem to shake off.

As with all traumatic events, therapy can resolve the trauma and heal your pain. You can come to terms with what happened to you and put it behind you. Your life can return to normalcy again as you decrease or distinguish disturbing thoughts and memories.


• You Are Grieving Due to a Death of Someone Close to You
If you lost someone you cared for, you initially feel shocked and devastated. People are supportive for a while, and then they return to their lives. You, on the other hand, are still grieving. You find it hard to concentrate, and you walk around in pain. Your sadness is unbearable at times.

Therapy can ease your grief, and help you feel better about moving forward in your life. You can hold your loved one close to your heart, and when you think of the person, you will not always feel sadness. Instead, you will remember more of the good times. You can move through your grief more quickly with my help as your therapist and function better in your life.


What do all of the above problems have in common?
They are all struggles of someone who has suffered too much, and likely for far too long.
You don’t have to live this way.
You can move beyond the pain and struggle and have a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

I can help you resolve your problems.
I am a compassionate and skilled therapist and nurse practitioner How I work who uses the best methods and tools available for healing complex or long-standing problems.


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